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“There is no data available that determines precisely how many cats are killed annually across the United States and Europe as a result of cat litterbox problems. The numbers range in the millions. Feline inappropriate elimination is the leading cause of death in cats. Millions have been destroyed needlessly. This most common and most offensive behavior problem among felines can be treated. Don't consider euthanasia until you have followed this rehabilitation program exactly.”

n     Excerpt from Bad Cat to Good Cat in 21 Days

    Owner Guide to Cat Litterbox Retraining

by Diane Arrington


LITTERBOX RETRAINING.  It is not true that a cat litterbox problem cannot be resolved and the cat must be euthanized. However owners of cats with litter box failure are often told that this is the case. It is not.

Cats can be difficult to treat behaviorally, and many behaviorists shy away from even trying. But behavior expert Diane Arrington has found the key to success for litterbox retraining and re-entry. Her program was first featured in William Campbell’s BehavioRX Newsletter in 1990. Since then, Arrington has had thousands of successes with her program, which treats inappropriate urination, defecation and spraying or scent-marking. Program is not gender- or breed-specific; it can be used to treats cats of all ages and breeds.

CATPAN 2000© is a highly specialized, fully humane behavior modification program, re-titled for the book, Bad Cat to Good Cat in 21 Days. It has been clinically tested on more than 2,000 cats and found to be almost 100% successful in completed cases providing the cat has no chronic medical condition. The program takes three to five weeks to complete. Over the years CATPAN 2000© has been refined and simplified, and it is now available in instruction booklet format for cat owners across the country and Europe to use on their own. Cat owners can either purchase the program in guidebook form or, if local (Dallas, TX, USA), can meet personally with Diane Arrington for one-on-one counseling.

To order Bad Cat to Good Cat in 21 Days, follow the link below.,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch

 --  A  30-page booklet full of guesses and blabber?  $15.00

-- A 30-page guidebook summary of scientifically tested, clinically proven data that includes everything you need to solve the problem yourself?  PRICELESS!


Bad Cat to Good Cat in 21 Days

You can continue to spend hundreds, even thousands, on carpet and furniture cleaning or you can order the step-by-step instructional guidebook and get on with your life by putting an end to the problem once and for all, without the grief and sadness of losing your cat. The choice is simple. Scroll down and read for yourself what CATPAN users have to say.


Personal Counseling

If you are local to the Dallas, Texas area, you may prefer to schedule a behavior modification program with Diane Arrington for personal, one-on-one counseling. The program will take two one-hour sessions scheduled one week to ten days apart. Phone 972/484-8882 to secure an appointment. (Veterinary referral preferred)


Testimonials from CATPAN users……


“In 1994 our cat Callie had a peeing problem. We consulted with Diane Arrington. We were surprised and pleased that it was so inexpensive. Her fees were less than we spent at the vet trying to figure out what was wrong. In the end, we had perfect success in the time she promised – four weeks! Little Callie stayed with her litter box religiously until she passed away last year in 2005. Diane is gentle and her programs for both dogs and cats are gentle. She’s a genius.”

--  Carolyn T. -  Dallas, TX


“We got advice from an expensive cat behaviorist about our cat’s box problem and ended up with smelly litter pans all OVER the house. This was his great advice. Just put a box wherever the cat decides to go. We ended up with seventeen cat boxes! Every time we had company we had to stack them all up and put them in the garage and put the cat out there with them and spray down the house. Twilight was unhappy and we were definitely unhappy.

At Thanksgiving when a friend told us about the Catpan program, naturally we were gun shy. But she kept at us and finally convinced us to try it. The cost of the program was only about a fourth of the cost of that behaviorist, so we decided to go for it. By the time our annual Christmas party came around we had one cat using one litter pan in one location in the house, the laundry room. Now no matter where Twilight is when he has to go, he runs in there and leaps into his box and covers like a mad demon. We don’t care that he is messy, we’re just so glad that he’s using his box.

If someone had told us at Thanksgiving that by Christmas Twilight would be back in his box, we never would have believed it. The Catpan program is amazing. It was easy to follow and it worked!. We are so relieved. Thanks for saving our lives, and maybe Twilight’s life, because I don’t know how much longer we could have stood it.”

--  Awani M. - Alpena, MI

 “I had just had a new baby when our cat Lily started spraying in the house. “We thought we might have to get rid of her, but my sister lives in Dallas and she told us about this Catpan program she had used that worked for her cat. We ordered it by mail on the website. We thought it would take two weeks to get here, but it came within just a few days. With a new baby we didn’t have lots of time, so we were glad that it wasn’t involved. It just walked us through it, step-by-step. It was like someone was at our house telling us each next step to take. I don’t remember how long it took, but it seemed short. What I really liked about the program is that it made my husband stop scolding Lily for spraying like everyone told us we had to or she would never learn. Catpan helped us understand that she wasn’t doing it on purpose, and that even spraying her in the face with water was mean. It seemed like as soon as we stopped all that she stopped doing it. It all made so much sense.

Our baby Keesha is now eight months old and she and Lily are best friends. They even take their naps together! Thanks for a kind, gentle and successful approach. We felt good about using Catpan and the best part is we didn’t have to give Lily away.”

-  Melanie and Jim R., - Phoenix, AZ

 “We had been told by our vet that there was nothing we could do for our cat Max who was going out of his box. They told us we had to put him to sleep. We were devastated. That very day a friend told us about Diane Arrington at PetPerfect. We tried her Catpan program and it worked! We still have our precious Max and he is so good. He’s never missed his box since. Just in the nick of time. We’re so glad we found you. Thanks, Diane.”

--  Ronni D. -  Irving, TX


“Our cat was euthanized for a litter box problem. We are still grieving him three years later. Then our other cat Phoebe, Sebastian’s best friend, started having the same problem. We think it was because she missed him so much. Our vet used to be in Dallas and knew all about Diane Arrington. She referred us to Diane Arrington at PetPerfect Academy and we ordered the Catpan program. We went through the program with Phoebe with complete success. I can’t tell you how mad it makes my wife and me to think that we didn’t have to do what we did to poor Sebastian. I wish all the vets knew about this program. It would have saved us a lot of grief. I can tell you we’ll never forgive ourselves – or our vet for not telling us there was something we could do.”

--  Marcus N. – Mendota Heights, MN


“Our cat was peeing and pooping all over our house, even on the bed! We tried everything to fix the problem, everything. We thought we were out of options and were at the end of our rope with Mugsy. One night while surfing the internet my husband found out that PetPerfect was right here in Dallas! We called and set up an appointment with Diane Arrington. Two visits and three weeks later our Mugsy was a good boy again. Turns out we only thought we had tried everything. What a Godsend the Catpan program was!” 

-  Allison H. – Plano, TX


“I had four cats that all decided at once to have a ‘marking contest’ all over my 4500 square-foot house. (College boys refer to this kind of contest with a different word.) My Baxter started two fires in the kitchen by hopping up on the counter and spraying the electrical outlets. Too bad he didn’t know how to call 911. I had Diane Arrington come to the house and give me the Catpan program. The first half, the cleanup, took awhile and was pretty labor-intensive, but in the end the program worked. She warned me it might take longer than 3-5 weeks because I had four cats all doing it. It took about six weeks, but I’m so happy I did it because now I can invite friends over again and they actually come. Even if people think they have the worst problem ever, they should try it. It worked for me.” 

--  Billie Ann B. – Coppell, TX


“A few years ago our cat Violet started peeing all over the rugs. We took her to the vet and he said there was nothing medically wrong with her. He advised us to put her down, but we love her so much we just couldn’t do it. Besides, it would break our daughter’s heart. We tried putting diapers on Violet but she wouldn’t wear them. So we resigned ourselves to just having all the carpets cleaned every two months. Then about a year ago I saw an ad for the Catpan 2000 Program for Cat Litterbox Retraining. My husband thought it was too expensive, but I convinced him that we had nothing to lose. We charged it to our Visa card and got it in the mail. We followed it to the letter and guess what – it worked! We haven’t had to clean the carpets since. This was about a year ago, so by now we figure we’ve already saved about $4,000. My cheap husband now agrees that it was the best money we ever spent. Not only that, Violet seems so much happier now. So are we. Now that she’s in back in her box we don’t walk around mad at her all the time. Plus my daughter is so happy that she still has her kitty. Many thanks to you, Diane. You must be an angel.” 

--  Shirley L. – Red Bank, NJ 


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