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Consumer Caution: It is possible to abuse, harm and even injure a dog with a harness. The PetPerfect System has been in use since 1986 and is 100% humane. Other harness methods are not the PetPerfect System and may not conform to the original kindness format.

The PetPerfect System Defined

The word PetPerfect is synonymous with 100% humane. It is the PetPerfect philosophy to adhere to a strict policy of treating animals with the utmost kindness and respect. It is dedicated to preserving the dignity, the natural spirit and the identity of each individual dog. The PetPerfect System is neither willing to inflict pain on nor insult a dog to get the dog trained or "cured." Twenty-five years of research and experience has proved it is not necessary to do so.

PetPerfect is not a quick fix nor does it seek to create robots or Stepford Dogs. It is safe and effective. It is humane down to the finest detail. Even the tracheal pressure of a physical correction on a flat collar inflicts discomfort on a dog. The slightest discomfort is a negative experience and an unnecessary, insulting consequence to the dog's innocent mistake. This is the standard to which PetPerfect has chosen to adhere. It makes no apology for its allegiance to strict standards of kindness to animals.

The PetPerfect method is a specific technique for use of the harness as an effective instrument to obedience train dogs in the basics. It is the polar opposite of traditional, outdated choking methods. It uses only a harness, leash, treats, passive restraint and all four kinds of praise including touching and hugging as teaching tools. There is no negative consequence to the dog not choosing or understanding what is requested of him. This system was scientifically tested successfully over twelve years on an estimated 9,000 dogs before being introduced to the public at large. It is approved by veterinarians. It is guaranteed against pain, discomfort, fear and injury if executed properly, in accordance with the designated format and technique. Most important of all, PetPerfect is guaranteed against breaking a dog's spirit. It is fully humane and cruelty-free. PetPerfect is about preserving the dignity of all dogs, even the unruly or aggressive.

Violent dog training methods can actually develop shyness, submissive urination and, most frightening, aggression in dogs. The PetPerfect system eliminates the potential for developing unwanted behaviors during the education process. The skills learned are permanently useful in all situations, all the way up to show obedience. It includes a high potential for solving minor behavior problems during the course of the program. (To resolve serious behavior problems, watch for Wolf Whispers and Dream Dogs, an upcoming book by Founder and behaviorist Diane Arrington which details PetPerfect's humane behavior modification methods for repairing specific behavior problems in dogs.)

PetPerfect is a dog training system which declines the use of electricity or shocking, choke collars, pinch collars, flat collars, head halters, penny cans, water sprayers, beepers, muzzles, hitting, pinching, hair or ear-pulling, loud commands, fear-producing tactics, force, discomfort, confusion or pain of any kind or degree.

PetPerfect will not use any equipment or tactic on a dog which would be inappropriate for use on a human.


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