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(Obedience Classes do not include behavior modification. )

Group classes have been temporarily suspended until we can find a place to meet. If you know of a location we can use, please let us know.  Please call us at 972 484 8882.

PetPerfect Academy offers obedience instruction in pet obedience. It is a completely different approach than commercial classes.  Five different levels are offered.  Obedience classes do not include behavior modification.  Physically challenged  dogs are welcome.

The PetPerfect System of Dog Obedience has 3 short-term objectives:

That dogs be educated without pain
That dogs be educated without fear
That dogs be educated without force

The PetPerfect System of Dog Obedience has 3 long-term objectives:

That dogs be educated in the basics without the use of rough methods
That the skills dogs learn are permanent and useful in all situations
That during the course of instruction owners gain leadership, which makes minor behavior problems melt away

How To Earn Your Way to Paying Less!

PetPerfect dogs earn Paws, like Karate students earn belts. Complete your initial class and your dog earns his or her White Paw. Complete the next level and your dog earns his or her Green Paw. The fee for each Paw level drops $5 each time through. Since dogs have only four paws and there are five levels, your dog finishes by earning his Black Tail award! Here is an overview:

White Paw -- Level One

Green Paw -- Level Two

Purple Paw -- Level Three

Brown Paw -- Level Four

Black Tail -- Level Five

Assuming full dog-owner compliance with the designated formats, those who successfully complete all five levels will be ready to investigate programs such as Canine Good Citizen, Registered Therapy Dog, and employment in advertising. If you just want a great pet who does everything you say when you say and yet maintains his or her natural temperament, spirit and identity, you’ve scored big!


Tailored Group Obedience (5 weeks)

Geared specifically to your needs, classes are made up of seven of your friends, neighbors or breed club members for a total of eight.   Tailored group classes include the full obedience program. Classes are one hour and meet 5 weeks in succession. Obedience classes do not include behavior modification. Offered weekdays, evenings and Saturdays. Children aged 5 and older are welcome.  Please phone 972/484-8882 for pricing.

*Special Note
PetPerfect Academy of Obedience & Behavior Science is the only facility in Texas which provides -- for those who care about their dogs -- fully humane obedience, behavior modification and puppy development. It is for this reason that choke, pinch and electric collars are not permitted on our premises. Any use of head collars requires explicit approval by the Director and are not permitted on the premises without previous private instruction by PetPerfect on their specific method of use.


Dog obedience teaches a dog TO do things, like Come and Sit and Stay.

Behavior Modification teaches a dog NOT to do things, like jump, bark, chew, bite and soil the rug.


Dallas:  (972) 484-8882
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