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Behavior modification programs are 100% humane. Problems treated include all annoying or problematic behavior engaged in by canines or felines.  Medications are seldom used. Harnesses are required for all dogs and puppies. Behavior modification programs are tailored to fit the specific, individual needs of pet and owner, and include obedience training.  Clients receive a diagnosis and treatment of the problem. Protocals are easy to follow and require only 20 minutes daily to carry out. Most behavior problems can be fully resolved in 3 or 4 one-hour visits (no one ever believes this). Clients with aggressive dogs agree to four visits. Cat litter box retraining requires only two visits. Visits are generally set one week apart, although this can vary.  Visits take place in the home unless your location is outside our service area. There is a $25 trip charge for all home visits. If you are outside of our specified service area, we will meet you at our in-clinic location near LBJ and Marsh Lane in Dallas. Please call for details and pricing.

Guarantees of success do not apply. In order to offer a guarantee of success it would be necessary for PetPerfect Academy to guarantee the behavior of the pet owner in following the recommended format. PetPerfect cannot guarantee the behavior of pet owners. Trainers or behaviorists who offer a guarantee cast immediate suspicion upon themselves as to the methods used; with enough pain, any dog or cat can be made to behave. PetPerfect's Client Happy Rate is above 98%. For more specific information on PetPerfect methods and techniques, please see Methodology.

For help with behavior modification and problem-solving, clients and their pets meet privately with Founder/Director and noted behaviorist Diane Arrington. Arrington has been in practice in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex since 1980. (See Biography of Founder.)   She stands head and shoulders above the rest in experience, skill and intuitive grasp of dog behavior. She specializes in Puppy Development and sibling rivalry, and is published on sibling rivalry.  Her knowledge and incredible ability to help dog owners resolve behavior problems with which others have failed, and do it without the use of rough methods, makes her the behaviorist of highest demand in the area. It is for this reason that the following policies apply. All new clients agree to these policies and agree to comply with the designated format of behavior modification programs before an appointment is scheduled.

Veterinary referral is preferred. (If you found us through another source, please feel welcome to call anyway.)  All appointments are guaranteed by the client with a charge card (Visa or MasterCard) or cash deposit in advance. Charge card information is secure and number is not used unless client cancels less than three days in advance or fails to appear for a scheduled appointment. Changes or cancellations via e-mail are invalid.   All clients agree to a minimum of two visits.

Standard appointments are scheduled for Tuesday through Saturdays.  Tuesday or Thursday evening appointments may be available upon request. There is a premium fee of $20  for all Saturday and evening appointments.  As a courtesy to others, clients are asked  to schedule 2 of their 3 or 4 appointments on a weekday so that others may have an opportunity to schedule for an evening or a Saturday.   Phone (972) 484-8882 for an appointment. Telephone consultations are available but not recommended. Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

The best is not always the most expensive!!


Dallas:  (972) 484-8882
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