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  PetPerfect takes a no-nonsense, common-sense, happy and fun-loving approach to dog obedience and pet management. All PetPerfect methods are so natural and all-inclusive, it could almost be considered holistic. Puppy Development, Obedience Instruction and Behavior Modification, are wolf-based, confidence-based, behavior-based, non-compulsive and fully humane. All canine methodology relies on the wolf, from which all dogs are descended, and its language to better enable owners to "read" their dogs and communicate with them more clearly and effectively. Using the wolf "language" with dogs helps them to understand what it is humans want of them and makes change happen quickly. All programs focus on teaching dogs and puppies what TO do, which is the polar opposite of traditional methods which attempted to teach canines what NOT to do. For example, within the PetPerfect system never, under any circumstance would a dog owner be advised to execute a scruff shake, Alpha Rollover or muzzle-grab on any dog. PetPerfect techniques accomplish all goals and objectives without pain, fear or force. 


Puppy Development programs are based on the way mother dogs handle their puppies and uses a puppy's natural instincts to set owners up for success. Programs teach owners to lead and not punish. No "discipline" of any kind is permitted. Physical discipline, known as "rage" discipline, will put an emotional scar on a dog which can be permanent.

Here are some examples of tactics commonly used by others which are never used in the PetPerfect system of Puppy Development. Some of them may be used by a mother dog on a puppy, but a mother dog has expert timing and knows exactly when and how to use them -- humans do not. Within the PetPerfect system, the following are never acceptable for use by a human on a dog or puppy.

Never, under any circumstances, should a puppy be thrown on its back and growled at. Never, under any circumstances, should a puppy be yanked by the scruff of the neck and shaken. Never, under any circumstances, should a puppy be grabbed by or bitten on the muzzle. Never, under any circumstances, should a puppy (or dog) be kneed in the chest for jumping. Never, under any circumstances, should a puppy be denied free access to water. Never, under any circumstances, should a puppy be struck with the human hand. Never, under any circumstances, should a puppy be intentionally hurt. 


Behavior problems are the leading cause of death among dogs. Approximately 8 million healthy dogs are put to death annually in the U.S. as a consequence of behavior problems which, with effective, professional guidance, would have been simple to resolve.

Behavior problems develop when a dog becomes confused about his ranking position within the social group.  With the exception of trauma and phobia, confusion over rank order is the cause of behavior problems. PetPerfect behavior modification programs provide for problem dog owners a Leadership Program, a set of gentle wolf signals which cause a dog to lower his rank and be clear about where he stands. A dog who is clear about where he stands and his function within the group has no behavior problems. Whether you have had your dog since puppyhood or you have a rescue dog, behavior problems are resolved in just 4-6 weeks. 


Contrary to popular belief, a dog possesses no malice or revenge and has no concept of "pay backs"! 


The PetPerfect System of Obedience was developed and pioneered by noted behaviorist and author Diane Arrington. In use since 1986 and tested on approximately 12,000 dogs, the system uses the comfortable harness and food rewards to obedience train dogs. Instruction is based on the way in which wolves and dogs educate one another. A previous choke collar user, Arrington pinpointed a flaw in the traditional methods of schooling dogs. This was her motivation for developing a better, more positive method.

How a dog learns . . .

There are four steps in teaching a dog a specific exercise. Consider the command of Sit.

1) The Command (stimulus)
2) The Follow-Through (a yank on the collar or pushing the dog's rear to the ground)
3) The Response (the dog Sits)
4) The Reinforcement (reward)

This is known as a compulsive method of training.  The flaw in this traditional method for training dogs is Step (2). The technique applied pain, fear and/or force, tools of teaching wolves and dogs never use on one another during the education process.  In the old system, dogs learned to sit only from the motivational standpoint of avoiding pain, a natural survival instinct.  It is true that the Reinforcement was positive (Step 4), but the entire process was not a pleasant experience for the dog because of Step (2).  Since pain develops aggression and aggression is the leading behavior problem among dogs, PetPerfect changed Step (2). Instead of pain, fear and force, the PetPerfect System encourages a dog to succeed with a food lure.  Dog education is now non-compulsive.

It is a myth that choke collars do not hurt dogs. There is literally no physical difference between the canine throat and the human throat.  The trachea is exposed to choking.  Even the pressure of a flat collar on a dog's throat causes discomfort.  The barbaric and brutal pinch collar, still widely used in the United States, has been outlawed in England.  And if there is any question as to whether or not shocking devices hurt and frighten dogs, dog owners considering them should give these devices a try on themselves first, then decide if they would like to use electricity on their own dogs, the dogs they adopted to love and protect.

Some myths about the harness . . .

It is a myth that a dog will pull harder on a harness.  It is a myth that a harness will throw off a dog's gait or structure. It is a myth that the harness will break a dog's show coat.  Twelve years of scientific research has not shown these myths to be fact.  User feedback over 15 years has included no negative reports of any kind. Those who believe these myths have not been trained in, and have had no experience in, the proper use of the harness as a teaching tool.  If used properly in a healthy dog with no back, neck or hip problems, the harness method of dog obedience is guaranteed successful and guaranteed against injury and pain.* 

Pain, fear and force create a multitude of behavior problems in dogs, aggression, submissive urination and a broken spirit among them. Pain also interferes with learning, so compulsive methods take longer. A dog should not have to be hurt just to learn the basics. The PetPerfect method is fully and truly positive, from start to finish. Owners do not become slaves to the harness or to the treats. The harness is used for the process of obedience training a dog. Once the training is accomplished, the harness and food rewards are no longer necessary and the dog will perform without control devices for human approval only.

PetPerfect is the voice of authority on harness training.  So are the 12,000 dogs on whom it was tested.   12,000 happy, well-adjusted dogs who love their harnesses and their schooling can't be wrong.

*CONSUMER CAUTION: It is entirely possible to abuse, harm and even injure a dog with a harness. The harness must be of the proper type (fully-adjustable, non-restrictive) fitted properly (snug but not binding) and used in accordance with specific guidelines for its use. The PetPerfect System has been in use since 1986 and is 100% humane. Other harness methods are not the PetPerfect System and may not conform to the original kindness format.


PetPerfect has been in use since 1986. It represents fully humane training and behavior modification for dogs and cats. The PetPerfect System of Dog Obedience (whose hallmark is the non-restrictive harness) and the name PetPerfect cannot be used without payment of a usage fee. Any commercial operations or individuals receiving remuneration from consumers under the PetPerfect name who are doing so without the express written consent of PetPerfect Enterprises are operating outside the law. Instructors and facilities of the PetPerfect System must be certified by PetPerfect Enterprises. If you find such an individual or facility operating in your area, check for the notarized PetPerfect Certificate of Instruction. If a PetPerfect Certificate of Instruction is not displayed prominently or available on demand, please notify PetPerfect headquarters in Dallas at 1-800-241-3165.


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