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Founder, PetPerfect Systems

Diane Arrington is Founder and Director of PetPerfect™ Academy of Obedience and Behavioral Science in Dallas, Texas.   She is a full-time companion animal behaviorist specializing in canine and feline behavior problems.   She edits and publishes The Pet Gazette, A Pet Behavior Newsletter, has published two books and previously hosted her own radio talk show on KGBS in Dallas.   With a college background in education, her education in the field of dog training and behavior began in 1975 at Tampa, Florida.   Miss Arrington has a reputation for gentle training techniques and ethical business practices.   She has been responsible for saving the lives of thousands of dogs and cats over the span of her career.   Her ongoing experience, study and research has enhanced her skill and success in her field and brought her to the point she is today; she is an educator, a motivator, and stands firmly as the leading behaviorist and trainer in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex; PetPerfect™ Academy was D Magazine’s choice for Best In Dallas 2001. 

Miss Arrington's Florida practice led to her participation in Animals In Advertising, acting as trainer and agent for animal talent in the field of advertising and films (since 1978).   Her credits include participation in an ABC Movie of the Week starring Bonnie Bedelia and the late Brad Davis.   Some of her ads have won top national awards, and she has achieved a degree of recognition for her work in promoting kindness to animals within that industry. 

Miss Arrington has consulted for various Dallas personalities such as Ed Busch, Bob Phillips and Eric Nadel.   She is referred by kindness and rescue organizations throughout the entire Dallas Metroplex.   She is routinely referred by more than twenty local veterinarians.   She is referred by and consults with veterinarians and behaviorists across the United States.   One of her case studies, co-authored with Dr. Nicholas Dodman, head of Clinical Studies at Tufts University, was published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA) in November, 2000.   As a result of her ground breaking paper she was invited to present her behavior and training ideas at the Tufts University Animal Expo 2002, where she spoke for four hours on the behavior track. 

In October 1991, Miss Arrington's outstanding work with pets within the community was recognized by Fox 33-TV when they nominated her for the Jefferson Award, an award equivalent to the Nobel.   She is regularly requested to write or speak for local publications and humane organizations.   She has spoken at the Dallas International Cat Show, provided a Volunteer Training seminar for the SPCA of Texas, taught at local colleges, and provided training presentations for local veterinary offices, all by invitation.   She continues to appear on radio and cable television, and her credits include an appearance on a Dr. David Winters segment on WFAA. 

Miss Arrington has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Dallas Times Herald, the Dallas Morning News, Ladies Home Journal, Tufts University Newsletter and D Magazine, just to name a few.   She has also appeared on KDFW-TV, KXAS-TV, KTVT-TV, KRLD's Jody Dean and Charley Jones Overnight, KLIF's Bob Ray Sanders, KERA's Karen Denard, and KCBI's Johanna Fisher Show. 

In 1986 Arrington began developing an entirely new system for dog obedience training, one that uses the body harness in place of pain, fear or force.   This system, called the PetPerfect™ system, has been used to successfully train more than 15,000 dogs.   The system is so successful, Arrington was invited to present it at the Tufts Expo 2002.   Arrington also developed a highly-specialized rehabilitation program for feline inappropriate elimination, the leading cause of complaint among cat owners.   Her program, CATPAN 2000 (©1986, 2001), has proven more than 99% successful in completed cases.   In January, 1990 her CATPAN program was reviewed on the front page of the trade publication, the Behavior Rx Newsletter, which is published by author and behavior expert William E. Campbell of Grants Pass, Oregon and subscribed to by veterinarians all over the United States. 

Miss Arrington's trademark in handling pets is her kindness and gentility.   She will not treat a case unless owners are willing to immediately stop all punishment of the pet.   She firmly declines the use of any device that would not be used on a human, including electricity, and choke collars of any kind, a training tool other trainers are helpless without.   Ultimately, her strong professional ethic maintains that case results are successful and permanent.             


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