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PetPerfect Academy specializes in Puppy Development. Programs teach owners to lead instead of punish. Puppies begin at SEVEN weeks of age. Harnesses are required for all dogs and puppies and are available for sale through PetPerfect.   (Tip for Puppy Owners: It is guaranteed that scolding, spanking Tug-of-War, roughhousing and chasing games will lead to serious puppy biting.  Puppy bites hurt!)

Most new puppy owners are unaware that puppies develop the equivalent of 21 years in the first year of life. For this reason it is vitally important to begin establishing owner leadership the day the puppy comes home. Establishing human leadership early will help with housetraining, and make behavioral developmental stages such as puppy biting, jumping and chewing easier to tolerate. If human leadership is established early and maintained for 10 months, owners will have a problem-free dog for the next 12-15 years.   All techniques are fully humane and guaranteed gentle.   All objectives are geared to the future and to developing an obedient polite dog without damaging the natural temperament and unique individuality of your dog.   Supplement your puppy development program by reading Puppy's First Steps from Tufts University ."

Owners with puppies under 14 weeks of age can either meet privately, one-on-one, with behaviorist Diane Arrington or attend Guppy Puppy group classes.  Private meetings are  one hour in length, group classes are 45 minutes.   Puppies should begin Puppy Development at 6 or 7 weeks, and can enter either one of our Puppy Development programs   with only one round of  vaccinations.  Please phone 972/484-8882 for scheduling or other questions.

Follow this with Group Obedience Class (14 weeks minimum age requirement)

Semi-private Beginning Obedience class will then socialize puppy to humans and other dogs.

Puppy Development
begins at six weeks of age

To schedule, phone:

PetPerfect Academy
of Obedience & Behavior
al Science

(972) 484-8882

Tip for Puppy Owners:

It is guaranteed that scolding, spanking, Tug-of-War, roughhousing and chase games will lead to serious puppy biting.
Puppy biting hurts!


Dallas:  (972) 484-8882
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