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We specialize in Puppy Development, Sibling Rivalry and cat litterbox problems. Other services include destructive chewing, leash aggression/reactivity, house soiling, all kinds of dog aggression, object/food guarding, separation anxiety, jumping, trash-getting and counter surfing, leash pulling, escaping, digging, fears and phobias, visitor behavior, hyperactivity, shyness, submissive urination, excessive barking, basic obedience training and more. Private appointments only. We come to your location in Dallas, TX. 

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PLEASE CALL US AT 972/484-8882.

D Magazine's Choice for

"Best in Dallas"

for Training & Behavior Modification 

A 100% Humane Behavior & Training Center
Dedicated to kindness
for puppies, dogs, and cats

 - - Since 1975 - - 

No Choke Collars
No Pinch Collars
No Electricity

It doesn't take pain to teach a dog to sit.
It doesn't take drugs to make a dog behave.
It doesn't take death to cure a cat litter box problem.

 All PetPerfect methods are aligned with the natural instincts of the canine and feline species.

"What all of them like, regardless of their limits, is affection.  At a

touch, a hug, a kiss on the head, at any indication that you value them,

respect them, believe in them, they shine."

Dallas:  (972) 484-8882

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